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Affiliate Marketing: How does it work?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways and forms of online or offline marketing. Do you remember when you recommended your friend to buy a special product which you liked? And can you imagine that only after this recommendation if your friend will buy the product or just will come to the shop - you will get paid a commission?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your own website or to promote your business through the agency of partners. Technology of affiliate marketing is an effective way to increase sales of products and services by building a network of advertisers and vendors who are working for the commission. So there is dual partnership and cooperation – or you are affiliate marketing Merchant or you are affiliate Marketer. And that it is the most lucrative way to earn money online for both partners.

For the affiliate marketing Merchant

1.      Affiliate marketing Merchant can be a company, a retailer, a brand or a creator.

2.      In order to start the procedure of affiliate marketing, Merchant should create unique and original product or service.

3.      The company or individual should compare products and services which are already exist in the market and which are related to their business, and to improve it in order to promote with all its advantages and benefits.

4.      Find associates and affiliate Marketers who will advertise the product or service, and affiliate the network. It is also important to find responsible and trustful affiliate Marketers, who had great work experience on it and related target audience.

5.      Wait for increasing the number and growth of audience and attraction of potential customers and pay commission to you partners.


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For the affiliate Marketer

1.      Affiliates can be the publishers, distributors and advertisers. It can be also a company or just an individual blogger.

2.      Affiliate Marketer can advertise affiliate products, services and persuade potential customers to buy it. Also it can be promoted by blog review or simple survey or by a website, which describes items, products and services in a specific niche and advertised those items for target audience.

3.      The affiliate Marketer should choose the product which can be close and related to his specialty of blog or website. Sign up for the companies’ affiliate programs (usually on their website). Don’t choose an affiliate program, because the commission is high - always put your audience first.

4.      Generate links and banners about companies’ product or service. If you promote product/service as an affiliate, you legally have to state this somewhere, as a disclaimer on your website.

5.      When your affiliate marketing begins profiting you can scale your development with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising methods and get commissions.

Affiliate marketing can bring a permanent and stable income. Your earnings depend on how effectively you are able to convert potential customers into buyers. This type of income is worth the costs that it requires at the initial stage.

But do not expect from this type of earning quick results. In this area there is the high level of competition. You will have to spend time by searching for the honest advertiser with a quality product or service. Learn how to understand primary customer needs, how to develop skills of promotion and how to analyze their work.

The most important characteristic of affiliate marketing is not the quality of the product, production area for manufacturing or innovations with resources. The most crucial point of affiliate marketing is the development of partnerships. It will create all the necessary conditions for the stable profit growth in the long term with satisfaction of Merchants, Marketers and, of course, Customers.


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