About Zexler

The Zexler company is a full service digital agency with online marketing, website design and development experts. Every specialist will make invaluable contribution in your business, its development and growth.

We cooperate with clients all over the world – UAE, Israel, Germany, France etc. We have something to show you. We have the best technologies, which give excellent results both in the domestic and foreign market.

Just pay attention to the approaches of our specialists, who will build your business and you will understand how easy to make a profit with our help.

Read the following statements of our staff about the approaches for solving the problems and you will understand why we are the best!

Vadim Skopintsev
Co-founder, CEO

Main challenge

Our company not only advances your online business but also creates a good reputation for you. As any other company, sometimes we face difficulties during the working process, but thanks to the professionalism of our staff, everything is solved very quickly and gives excellent results.

Our team aims to attract as much customers to your business as possible. It is very important to show not only a good presentation of your services but also the optimization of the internal working processes. We can solve any task making your business efficient by 100% and even a bit more. We study your business thoroughly before searching for the clients. Our work is based on an individual approach.

We like our work and want you to become more popular and successful. Every our project is a challenge which we accept. Every team member sets to work with pleasure. They think how to make every website individual and very attractive. The point is that we succeed in it. Zexler has done a lot of projects which now help their owners to earn more money. So, if you want to become more successful and famous on the Internet, we can do it. Call us and we will discuss your idea.

Our works

Dzhal Amninov
Head of Analytical Department

Technologies that solve your problems

Today the market is no so simple as earlier. It is not enough to make one call because there are thousands of clients who are waiting for your call. You must give attention to all of them.

We develop different technologies that make your advertising more effective and allow you to attract a lot of clients at once. Every product and solution are thrashed out for development of your online business.

We can declare very bravely that your project will be solved in time. It doesn't matter for us whether you want to build an online spacecraft or launch a landing page for checking your hypothesis. We will realize any idea.

We create marvelous websites which show company's advantages and motivate visitors to call or write you in order to buy something. We also can use SEO, contextual advertising, create a trademark for you etc.

We will analyze your business and decide together what our team should do. Your ideas will come true thanks to our cool skillful developers, designers, protorypers and other good specialists.

Contact us and you will see the exponential growth.

Our company's numbers

49 regular customers and 12 new clients are going to start cooperation

4-9 specialists work on every clients' project

734 ads, 41 content units, 5 prototypes, 3 designs and 1,112 lines of code per day

We have done 174 successful projects

Dmitry Karpinsky
Co-founder, CTO

A good solution is not enough

Our company develops online business and does it perfectly. We thought about this direction very thoroughly. Certainly, we face difficulties and disputable moments but they really can be solved.

You can go round and round but the problem of attraction of new clients must be solved by all means. There is also one more problem. It is operating activity which is a part of internal process. We solve both of these problems perfectly. We take into account main points of your goods or services and know where is your client who hides on the Internet. We also know what exactly influences on his or her decision to buy.

We make every effort for solving the problems. We develop different techniques of analysis like Bigvisor which allows valuing investments to advertising, its quality and track the main competitors.

We allow our clients to develop a new cool website in order to beome popular and begin to earn more money. Our specialists can also develop magnificent web design which will be attractive for people on the Internet. You potential customers will visit your website, find necessary information, approve of your navigation and visual effects and eventually address you. Write or call us and we will help you with pleasure!

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